Steam Deck Pre-Orders Now Available in Select Asian Countries and Japan

Steam Deck finally steps into Asia!

Valve has recently announced that the Steam Deck is now available for pre-order in certain parts of Asia.

According to the new post on Steam, Valve revealed that the Steam Deck can now be pre-ordered in more regions, particularly in certain East Asian countries and Japan. Fans of the PC handled can now pre-order in South Korea, Taiwan, and Hong Kong.

This was only made possible with the help of Komodo, a Japanese online shop. Valve has already teamed up with Komodo for years and with the help of their team, the Steam Deck is now available for pre-order in certain regions. There is now a new website page that can be viewed here, complete with details about the Steam Deck and FAQs about the purchase and shipment of the item in case a customer gets one.

Customers who will be able to reserve their units in these new regions can get them starting later this year. Valve explains that the Komodo reservation queue is separate from the reservation queue in the US, UK, and Europe regions. The timing of order emails in the currently shipping regions will not be impacted by this announcement.

Komodo will be having a large booth at the upcoming Tokyo Game Show which will showcase the Steam Deck.

steam deck

Hopefully, more Asian countries will get their reservations chance for a Steam Deck unit as well later on.