Steam To Delay Few Game Updates To Save Up Bandwidth Amidst COVID-19

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The COVID-19 pandemic has made a lot of us stay at home and to keep us entertained, some of us have gone to Steam for games. The gaming platform has announced some new changes related to that.

Steam makes some changes to updates

There was a big increase of concurrent users a couple weeks early due to people being online and playing games on the gaming platform. Due to the coronavirus pandemic, people are forced to stay at home and play games in order to keep entertained.

Now this has instead become a bit of an issue for the servers of the gaming platform because there were too many gamers playing. Game downloads need a lot of bandwidth to sustain such things. If left alone, this could damage the main servers and slow down the servers instead. The Valve team has decided that they will be conserving bandwidth and help make internet available for everyone around the world. They have now changed how the updates will be launched on the gaming platform.

Valve has already done the schedules for these updates of certain games that have not been played more recently to off-peak hours. The plan is to spread out the updates over days instead of hours. Lessens the burden of the servers and gives time for a lot of users.

The games that were played recently within the last three days will be updated as soon as the patch is available. You will not have to worry of late updates there, but the backlogs that you have will have days to get its updates.

There is the option of forcing the update right away if you see them on the platform. Just do not be shocked if it will not download right away. Valve has clarified they will not throttle the download speeds unlike certain companies like YouTube, and Netflix to name a few.

Thanks VG247.