Steam Replay 2022 Finally Arrives Revealing Various Player Stats

Know your Steam stats for this year!

Valve has now released the Steam Replay 2022 for players to access right now to showcase various stats for this year.

Just like other platforms revealing PlayStation 2022 Wrap-Up and Nintendo Year-in-Reviews, Steam gets its own wrap-up for this year. The Steam Replay 2022 allows players to showcase their personal experiences on Steam over the past year. It will reveal details like the most games they have spent most of their time with, the various achievements they have acquired, the different genres that they played most, and many more.

In order to access Steam Replay 2022, players only need to access their Steam accounts. When they log in, they will be greeted with a new pop-up window that asks them to access and display their stats. They can also access the Replay page here.