Steam Surpasses Concurrent Player Record Again

Still the best PC launcher!

Valve has recently announced that Steam has once again surpassed the concurrent user record.

Steam has now set a concurrent user record again just under a month after the previous announcement. This record was discovered on the SteamDB website, which said that it now has 31,906,400 concurrent users on Sunday, November 27, 2022.  This has now increased since Steam’s previous concurrent user record, which was only 30,049,264 users in total.

Steam has also reported that it has now acquired 31,968,428 users active at once. This does not mean that there were over 30 million users playing video games on Steam at the same time, it is just that there have been many users logged into the service recently.

There are several factors that are at work here. One of those is the return of Ubisoft to Steam after many years. With its comeback, players and fans of Ubisoft are now glad that this is now an option for them, to play on Steam rather than the problematic UPlay launcher that was slow for some players.

Steam has also don recently the Steam Autumn Sale where tons of discounts were offered. While the other PC platforms are offering their best sales, Steam still remains to be the best gaming platform on PC due to its easy UI, fast transactions, strong connectivity, and more. Also, it was always the go-to for PC players.

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