New Steam Update Brings Significant Quality-of-Life Changes

Steam just got a lot better with this improvement.

Valve has recently released a new Steam update that introduces significant quality-of-life changes.

The May 5 update has now improved the Steam store’s search function for the better. Its auto-suggestion feature is finally easier to use like if the user would search for games of a certain series, it would suggest the top games in the franchise and then at the bottom is the main hub page on Steam. It offers a good variety of options to choose from and also gives users an option that they did not know they wanted. Tags also work as the search function offers the best games in that category.

steam update

Aside from those changes, the search function is now able to make up for the typos that a user would type in as much as it can. This way, players would not have to clear what they have typed in and would just choose the games that the search function suggested. It might even actually predict the correct game the user wanted.

The new update is now available on Steam PC and mobile.