SteamWorld Heist Hits PS4 and PS Vita on May 31

The award-winning strategy shooter on the Nintendo 3DS now flies to the PS4 and PS Vita as an HD version. SteamWorld Heist, inspired by classics such as XCOM and Worms, SteamWorld Heist is turn-based strategy with a twist: In battle against the terrors of the galaxy you manually control the guns of your steam-driven space pirate crew, allowing for insane skill shots and bullet-bouncing action.

The game will launch simultaneously in North America, Europe, and Australia. The full price will be  $19.99 / €19.99 / £15.99 (or the equivalent), but to celebrate SteamWorld Heist’s HD debut the developer is also treating PlayStation gamers to a  15% discount.

SteamWorld Heist will launch on the PS4 and PS Vita systems on May 31. So be ready!

Sirus Gaming: Will you pick up SteamWorld Heist on the PS4 or PS Vita? Don’t worry, we’ll work on a review before you buy the game. We have already requested for a review code.