Stellar Blade Editions and Pre-order Bonuses

Stellar Blade Pre-order Bonuses and Editions

Ready to reclaim Earth in Stellar Blade? Stellar Blade offers three different editions that come along with exclusive bonuses when you pre-order. Here’s an overview of what you can expect from each available version of the game.

With the highly-anticipated release of Stellar Blade just around the corner, it’s time for fans to make a crucial decision – which edition to choose? SHIFT UP’s first AAA release is offering a digital deluxe edition with exclusive content. As we eagerly await Stellar Blade’s release on Friday, April 26, 2024 for the PS5, let me break down the comparison of each edition and the pre-order bonuses if you decide to buy the game early.

Standard Edition (Physical / Digital Copy)– $69.99

Stellar Blade Standard Edition costs $69.99

The Standard Edition of Stellar Blade only provides the base copy of the game, including all the pre-order bonuses available for those who purchased the game before release:

  • Stellar Blade full game for PS5.
  • All pre-order bonuses if purchased before April 26, 2024.

The Standard edition is the only physical edition available for Stellar Blade. If you wanted a Stellar Blade Steelbook, you can get a non-official Steelbook and Collectors Edition from a 3rd party company.

Digital Deluxe Edition – $79.99

Stellar Blade Digital Deluxe Edition costs $79.99

The Digital Deluxe edition of Stellar Blade comes with 6 exclusive cosmetic items, 2,000 EXP and 5,000 Gold, and all pre-order bonuses for those who purchased the game before release:

  • Stellar Blade ™ full game for PS5*.
  • Stargazer Suit for EVE.
  • Half-rim Glasses for EVE.
  • Quadruple Rectangle Earrings for EVE.
  • Stargazer Coat for Lily.
  • Stargazer Wear for Adam.
  • Stargazer Pack for the Drone.
  • 2,000 SP EXP.
  • 5,000 Gold in-game currency.

These are very tempting additions, and you might as well consider whether Deluxe is worth it or not.

All Stellar Blade Pre-Order Bonuses

Stellar Blade Pre-Order Bonuses

Those who pre-order any of the available Stellar Blade editions will get the following content once the game releases:

  • Planet Diving Suit for EVE.
  • Classic Round Glasses for EVE.
  • Ear Armour Earrings for EVE.

Note that pre-orders for Stellar Blade does NOT include early access.

Is Stellar Blade Digital Deluxe Edition Worth It?

If you’re the kind of player who loves customizing your character’s appearance and wants to dive into Stellar Blade with style, the Deluxe Edition is definitely worth it for only an extra $10. Not only do you get a unique set of stylish outfits for EVE and her companions, but you’ll also start your game with bonus in-game currency and XP. This gives you an early advantage, letting you unlock skills and gear up faster. Plus, who doesn’t love having exclusive cosmetics to show off?

However, Stellar Blade promises unique customization options, so that means that you can unlock cosmetic items through normal gameplay. If those aren’t important to you, the Standard Edition might be the better choice.

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