Project Eve is Now Stellar Blade

Beautiful characters, stylish gameplay!

Shift Up Corp. has announced that the previously known title Project Eve is now known as Stellar Blade.

Stellar Blade Name Change

Director Kim Hung Tae was the one to break the big news of the name change with the latest story trailer during the latest State of Play showcase. It also includes some gameplay, but most of it focuses on the story of the game.

Story Details

Here are details of the story:

Mankind’s last remaining city on Earth, Xion

Eve and her comrades land on the surface to reclaim the extinct Earth and cross paths with a survivor named Adam. Eve is then led by Adam to the last surviving city, Xion, where she meets the elder of the town Orcal and is told many stories. In order to serve her mission to save Earth, Eve develops close relationships with the key members of Xion and contributes to rebuilding the city.

On a mission to save Earth from the NA:tive, Eve is also faced with helping out the citizens of Xion. Whether you will help the survivors or not, depends purely on your decision as the player.

Flashy Combat

Stellar Blade has action combat that will require players to deflect and evade attacks at precise timing that can connect to combos and unique skills. They can acquire unique Beta Skills and intense Burst Skills for flashy combos.

Release Date and Exclusivity

Stellar Blade launches in 2023. It will be a PS5 console exclusive.

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