Stories: The Path of Destinies Available on Steam and PS4 Today

Stories: The Path of Destinies is madcap epic fantasy where each choice you make takes you into a different story. But each story — some dark, some romantic, all action-packed — is true in its way, and will lead you to victory if you pay enough attention.

If you held a magic artifact that could turn back time, would you live any differently? Would you charge recklessly toward danger and romance with hardly a second thought? Would you tread carefully amongst your fates and craft the tale of a lifetime?

Watch the launch trailer for Stories: The Path of Destinies below:

In Stories, the hero Reynardo stands as the last hope to a world-consuming war. Reynardo the Fox is a clever rogue, but he’s not as clever as he thinks. He’s got himself sucked into a Rebellion against the mad Emperor, and now he’s got fateful choices to make. Should he rescue his oldest friend, the shiftless Lapino; wield a gem cursed by a dead god; or resurrect a weapon lost at the beginning of time? Worse, he’s still in love with the Emperor’s adopted daughter, who he met in sword fu school. He’s got dozens of ways to screw this up; but can he find a way to win his war?

Armed with the power to travel back in time, he explores several ways to take down the Mad Emperor, but it seems the enemy always has the upper hand. Making judicious use of his enchanted tome, Reynardo must gather knowledge about the world, its inhabitants, and its treasures if he is to confront the Emperor and live to tell the tale.

Key Features:

  • Unique choice-based narrative in which players explore many different storylines to find the path to victory
  • Fluid and fast-paced combat blending acrobatic swordplay, grab attacks, special abilities, and more
  • Charming hand-drawn illustrations and a colorful storybook aesthetic
  • A deep skill tree where players can unlock powerful new abilities such as the Hookshot or even Time Mastery
  • An arsenal of magic-infused swords that can be crafted and upgraded
  • An original soundtrack that changes dynamically with every choice

Discover the land of Boreas, forge and upgrade magical swords, and defeat the Emperor’s minions using Reynardo’s stylish and fast-paced battle style―all while navigating the hero’s destinies in a narrative reminiscent of classic choose-your-own-adventure books. Can you find a path that will lead Reynardo to victory?
Stories: The Path of Destinies releases today on Steam, GOG, and PlayStation 4.

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