Stormcloud Vapor Xbox Series X/S Controller Gets Leaked

The seventh new controller leaked?!

A new leak has revealed that the new Stormcloud Vapor Xbox Series X/S controller will be announced soon.

Stormcloud Vapor Xbox Series X/S Controller Leaked?!

The new leak comes from the ever-reliable leaker Billbil-kun who has a long-running record of reliable information when it comes to leaks. They revealed that the new controller is going to be called Stormcloud Vapor.

Codename Jemez

The leaked controller is currently codenamed Jemez. Billbil-kun claims that it will be released on August 8, 2023. They did note that the date could change later on just like previous controllers that got released this year. It is going to be priced at $69.99.

Not a Forza Motorsport Controller?

It was earlier speculated that the new leaked controller is going to be a limited edition Forza Motorsport version, but that would be unlikely. Microsoft has been releasing Xbox controller variations for Forza this year so there is a high chance that this new controller is unrelated to the game. There could be another Forza controller that will be released closer to the launch on October 10, 2023.

This will be the seventh new Xbox controller design this year. There have been six different variations in 2023 alone.

No official word from Xbox yet.