Stranger of Paradise Final Fantasy Origin Patch 1.03 Adds Auto-Dismantle Option

New update is here and it brings a handy feature!

Stranger of Paradise FFO

Square Enix has recently released Stranger of Paradise Final Fantasy Origin patch 1.03 and it has added a very useful option.

The latest patch for the game has finally arrived and it includes a lot of new features that many players have been waiting for. One of those is the ability to auto-dismantle a monster. This meant players could just mash down attacks and not worry about the button for dismantling monsters. They can now concentrate on other movements.

Another inclusion is the much needed fix for a bug in multiplayer missions that prevented proper progression. This fix finally removes that bug and multiplayer gameplay is now smoother than ever. The bug prevented everyone from getting certain jobs or important items. They will only need to play the mission again now to gain those missed rewards with the latest patch.

Check out the full patch notes below:

▼Applicable to All Platforms
Added Functionality:
 • Send Messages
 While speaking with allies, citizens of Cornelia, etc., hold the button down to send a message.

 • Auto-Dismantle
 Equipment that meets parameters specified from the Settings screen can be dismantled immediately upon clearing a mission, freeing up space for more equipment. Please refer to the in-game tips for more details after updating.

 • “★5” and “Artifact” have been added to the Item Pickup settings for precluding picking up equipment of the set rarity or lower.

 • “No job affinity” has been added to the options for filtering within Items and other menus.

 • Multiplayer Missions Level-Only Search
 It is now possible to search for “Similar Average Equipment Level” and “Mission Level 300” without specifying a mission in multiplayer.

 • Adjusted lighting in certain dungeons to improve visibility.

 • Eased the break damage adjustment dealt to and received from enemies in missions with a discrepancy between mission level and average equipment level (indicated with “!”).

 • Removed the following adjustments to break damage taken when guarding:
 • Mission level
 • Enemy strength
 • Difficulty levels HARD and above
 Accordingly, a regular guard will consume less of the break gauge than soul shield when taking an attack, making it easier to assess the situation when guarding while surrounding by enemies or taking repeated attacks.

 • Shortened the time to recover from being broken when taking an attack while broken.

 • Shortened the time after recovering from being broken until soul shield and other defensive measures can be taken.

 • Relaxed the timing requirements to make it easier to initiate the next action following the end of an enemy’s soul burst sequence.

 • Increased the conditions for determining a hit during the spinning attack of the knuckles action ability windmill.

 • Changed some enemies that appear in the sword tutorial to goblin guards, which do not stagger when hit with regular attacks, making it easier to complete a counter and fulfill the tutorial conditions.

 • Fixed the frame rate during conversations with allies and Cornelians at 30 FPS to prevent any dips in resolution.

 • Checkmarks will no longer be removed from equipment when changing tabs in the Items menu.

 • Removed certain boss animations during soul burst in CHAOS difficulty.

 • During multiplayer, your lock on an enemy will be canceled more quickly when another player performs a soul burst on that enemy.

 • Parameters when searching for rooms in multiplayer will now be preserved.
 *Search parameters are lost when loading save data.

Resolved Issues:
 • In battle with Tiamat, the fiend of wind, certain conditions will no longer cause Tiamat to lose significant HP.

 • A lock on an enemy should no longer be suddenly canceled during battle.

 • Smaller enemies will no longer move incrementally out of synch when attacked with knuckles.

 • When using the red mage job action chainspell, magic will no longer trigger when attacking after casting or after interrupting casting with an attack, making it easier to input chainspell commands.

 • Addressed an issue that prevented first-time rewards from being obtained upon completing a mission. Unobtained first-time rewards can be obtained by completing the applicable mission once more.

 • During multiplayer, a message will no longer display claiming the room is full when entering a room that is not full.

 • Other various bug fixes.

▼Applicable to Epic Games Store
Resolved Issues:
 • Addressed an issue wherein the game was sometimes using integrated graphics instead of discrete GPUs.

▼Applicable to PlayStation 4
Added Functionality:
 • Adjustable Resolution
 In FPS Priority Mode, an adjustable resolution function will now increase the resolution under less intensive processing loads.

Stranger of Paradise Final Fantasy Origin is now available on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, and PC.