Stray Now Popular Than God of War on Steam

The feline is now ranking top one on the rankings.

Popular feline platformer Stray has now gained a lot of ground when it came to Steam and has overtaken the top rank of God of War.

Stray Ranks Highest on Steam

Surprising everyone on Steam, it seems a lot of PC players love to play with cats. The latest figures revealed that Stray is now at the number one spot on Steam’s top 250 games. Currently, it has a score of 8.61 with an overall rating of overwhelmingly positive and an approval rating of 98 percent. This is based on more than 40,000 reviews from players have officially bought the game on Steam. It also ranks number 44 on the top 250 Steam games of all time. Remember that, double digits on the top 250 Steam games of ALL TIME.

Cat Destroys Retired God of War

God of War was doing well previously and got quite the good ranking on Steam, but when the cat jumped in, it quickly overwhelmed Kratos’ game. It seems PC players would rather play with cats going through a ruined city rather than fighting Norse gods and monsters.

Mods. Mods Everywhere

Aside from the big climb on ranking, the game has recently received tons of mods ranging from the horrendous to the cutest. Since it is now on PC, it is not safe from getting mods. Actually, it is a blessing that it got mods as it has now gotten a variety unofficial skins to try out.


Stray is now available on PC via Steam, PS4, and PS5.

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