Street Fighter 6: Best Zenny Farming Methods

Learn the ways of how to maximize the Zenny earnings in Street Fighter 6.

Street Fighter 6 Earning Zenny cover

Zenny is the main currency in Street Fighter 6, and it is used to purchase a lot of things in the game, from consumables, gifts, to outfits to customize players’ avatars. There are plenty of activities to do to earn Zennies, but knowing which ones to do and what steps to take will make the Zenny farming experience much easier and faster.

Read ahead as we go through the ways of how to farm Zenny fast in Street Fighter 6.

Best Ways to earn Zenny quick in Street Fighter 6

Zenny can be earned in many ways. Simply playing through the World Tour chapters and completing the quests and side quests along the way will earn you a good amount of zenny. There are also ways on how to efficiently earn zenny in less time and with less effort.

Get the Pay Day skill

The Pay Day skill increases the amount of Zenny that can be earned from completing part-time jobs. This skill can be unlocked after reaching Skill Tree 4 and is very useful as it gives a boost to your earnings as you play through the part-time jobs.

You can even go further by picking the Scrounger skill in the same tier as it increases the chances of getting valuable items from enemies if you plan to maximize your earnings via fights.

Eat food with Part-Time Job Reward Boost

There are particular food items that you can eat that will give you a boost in the rewards that you get from completing part-time jobs. These food items are the Corn Flex from the Metro City Food Delivery and the Nayshalli Bread from the Old Nayshall Food Delivery. The buffs last for five minutes, so make sure to eat them from time to time to maximize your earnings.

Play the Scrap Heap mini game

The Scrap Heap minigame is one of the part-time jobs that can be done in the game. This particular minigame can be found in Metro City. You will need to talk to Junkyard Smalls over at Abigail Scrapyard to start playing the minigame.

The objective of this minigame is to destroy a huge truck within the time limit. After doing enough damage to the truck, the time will freeze, and you can continue destroying the truck to get more points until the truck is obliterated. You can do whichever attack you want, but doing combos and unique attacks will net you the most points, and the more points you get, the more Zenny you will be rewarded with.

You can also try out the Scrap Heap II minigame in Old Nayshall. Talk to Scrap Factory MOUSE to start playing the game. In this version, you will need to destroy as many vehicles as you can within the time limit. Depending on your character’s build and how much damage you can dish out, you may find this version more profitable than the other, so it’s best to try out both to see which one works best.