Street Fighter 6 Blanka Moves List, Combos, Counters, & More

With some fundamental changes, Street Fighter 6 may not be the same for Blanka compared to his previous appearances. Our favorite green beast man has come a long way since he originally appeared more than 30 years ago. Use this guide to learn the Street Fighter 6 Blanka moves list, combos, and get an overview of how his character works.

Street Fighter 6 Blanka Overview

Blanka was the first character confirmed to be playable for Street Fighter 6 on September 15, 2022, at the Tokyo Game Show. His character reveal was showcased in a full gameplay trailer alongside other Street Fighter icons like Dhalsim, Ken, and E. Honda.

You may remember Blanka as one of the original Street Fighter II characters from all the way back in 1991. He’s been a regular on the Street Fighter roster ever since his first appearance. No Street Fighter game would be the same without him.

Blanka had softened up by the time of SF6. His movements are less ferocious and more goofy compared to before. His character design has also been changed to look less savage and more approachable. Blanka now wears blue overalls, has less spiky hair with shaved sides, and a softer face.

Blanka also lives a more happy life in Street Fighter 6, working as a tour guide in the Brazilian Amazon Forest and being a popular figure in his own hometown. You can meet him during the World Tour Mode as a Master to learn his moves and even give him his favorite gifts to increase your bond with him.

While he has some new moves like the Aerial Rolling Attack which lets him do the Beast Roll diagonally midair towards the opponent, Blanka still retains a lot of what fans know him for. Because of his reliance on gimmicks and trickery, Blanka can be considered an intermediate character since his moveset isn’t so straightforward compared to the other fighters. In SF6, Blanka uses his newest tools, the Blanka-Chan dolls, which explode in electric shock, to setup attacks.

Blanka Bio

  • Real Name: Jimmy
  • Height: 6’4
  • Weight: 216 lbs
  • Likes: His mother, Blanka-Chan dolls, tropical fruits, arapaima
  • Dislikes: Army ants, people who wear masks, being separated from his mother

Blanka Moves List

Normal Attacks

  • Back Dash: Backward > Backward
  • Forward Dash: Forward > Forward
  • Back Throw: Backward > Light Punch + Heavy Kick
  • Forward Throw: Forward > Light Punch + Heavy Kick
  • Crouch Heavy Kick: C. Heavy Kick
  • Crouch Heavy Punch: C. Heavy Punch
  • Crouch Medium Kick: C. Medium Kick
  • Crouch Medium Punch: C. Light Punch
  • Crouch Light Kick: C. Light Kick
  • Crouch Light Punch: C. Light Punch
  • Stand Heavy Kick: S. Heavy Kick
  • Stand Heavy Punch: S. Heavy Punch
  • Stand Medium Kick: S. Medium Kick
  • Stand Medium Punch: S. Medium Punch
  • Stand Light Kick: S. Light Kick
  • Stand Light Punch: S. Light Punch
  • Jump Heavy Kick: Jump > Heavy Kick
  • Jump Heavy Punch: Jump > Heavy Punch
  • Jump Medium Kick: Jump > Medium Kick
  • Jump Medium Punch: Jump >Medium Punch
  • Jump Light Kick: Jump > Light Kick
  • Jump Light Punch: Jump > Light Punch

Special Attacks

  • Backstep Rolling Attack: Half-Circle Backwards + Kick (or Kick x2)
  • Blanka-Chan Doll: Down > Down + Punch
  • Electric Thunder: Half-Quarter Circle Backwards + Punch (or Punch x2)
  • Rolling Attack: Backwards (Hold) > Forward + Punch (or Punch x2)
  • Rolling Attack (airborne): Jump > Backwards (Hold) > Forward + Punch (or Punch x2)
  • Vertical Rolling Attack: Downwards (Hold) > Upwards + Kick (or Kick x2)
  • Wild Hunt: Half-Quarter Circle Forward + Kick (or Kick x2)

Super Attacks

  • Level 1 Super: Half-Quarter Circle Forward > Half-Quarter Circle Forward + Punch
  • Level 2 Super: Half-Quarter Circle Backward > Half-Quarter Circle Backward + Punch
  • Critical Art: Half-Quarter Circle Forward > Half-Quarter Circle Forward + Kick

Drive Gauge

  • Drive Impact (costs 1 bar): Heavy Punch + Heavy Kick
  • Drive Parry (costs 0.5 bars): Medium Punch + Medium Kick
  • Drive Reversal: Block > Forward + Heavy Punch + Heavy Kick
  • Drive Rush Cancel (costs 3 bars): Forward > Forward

Target Combos

  • Air Throw (airborne): Jump > Light Punch + Light Kick
  • Coward Crouch: Down + Punch x2
  • Double Knee Bombs: Forward + Medium Kick
  • Overhead Headbutt: Forward + Medium Punch
  • Slide: Down-Right + Heavy Punch
  • Surprise Back Hop: Backward + Kick x3
  • Surprise Forward Hop: Forward > Kick x3
  • Wild Edge: Forward + Heavy Punch (or Downward + Punch x2)

Street Fighter 6 Blanka Best Combos

Forward Medium Kick + Crouching Medium Punches + Rolling Attack
Forward + Medium Kick > C. Medium Punch x 2 > Backwards (Hold) > Forward + Punch (or Punch x2)

Blanka’s ground pokes are really good. They hit fast, and due to his stance, it can be hard to tell when you’re going to do it. Once you manage to land a hit, you can immediately transfer that punch to his Rolling Attack to push the enemy back. Use his Forward Medium Kick to immediately close in, then catch the enemy off guard by attacking crouched before transferring it to the Blanka Roll. This is a good beginner combo that you can do right at the start without building up for anything.

Backwards Medium Kick + Rolling Attack (charged) + Rolling Attack (airborne)

Backwards + Medium Kick > C. Medium Punch > Backwards (Hold) > Forward + Punch (or Punch x2) > Jump > Forward Punch (midair) > Backwards (Hold) > Forward + Punch (or Punch x2)

A little more complex, but once you master the first combo, you can chain it with another Blanka Roll attack while your opponent is in the air. You can charge the Rolling Attack for a more powerful hit, which leaves them airborne for half a second longer. Immediately jump and do another Rolling Attack in the other direction to hit your opponent twice. This will cost you two bars to pull off properly, though.

Blanka Roll + Drive Rush

Backwards (Hold) > Forward + Punch (or Punch x2) > Down-Forward + Heavy Punch

A simple combo to immediately close in on your opponent, especially if they’re pretty far away. Charge up a Blanka Roll, then on hit, immediately do a Drive Rush to the enemy giving you an Okizeme hit before they can recover. This combo is easy to do, but it will take a bar or more depending on whether you charged up Blanka’s Rolling Attack.

Blanka Counters

Because of how great Blanka is at being unpredictable, fighting him with counters can be difficult. You need to watch out for that Rolling Attack of his because it can really close in the distance and leave you open to some follow-up combos. Watch out for his crouching pokes, as those often lead to openings as well.

Dhalsim has always been the best when countering Blanka Mains due to his long reach and ability to poke him from a distance. You can also use JP or Guile to effectively counter his moves. The best thing to do is to wait until he uses it, then counter when he’s close and open.

That’s our Street Fighter 6 Blanka moves list, combos, and the overview of his character. This should teach you how to effectively play as Blanka in SF6.