Street Fighter 6 Button Mashing Control Scheme Revealed

Finally, a control scheme for everyone!

CAPCOM has recently revealed new information about Street Fighter 6 related to a new control scheme dedicated to players who do not care for special moves.

In a recent interview with media outlet Game Informer, CAPCOM revealed that there is a new third control scheme for players to try out. This is in addition to the Classic and the recently revealed Modern controls. This one is called the Dynamic Control Scheme.

This is another part of the accessibility features of Street Fighter 6 as it allows players to mash random buttons and the AI will be the one to determine which moves to use in a fight. This just simply means players who usually used sweeping kicks or frontal jabs all the time can now unlock special moves by doing the same thing. AI will just do the special move for you.

“In a normal fighting game, when they [mash buttons], they just do a lot of whiffs,” director Takayuki Nakayama said. “We wanted something important and something that makes a difference happen by randomly pressing buttons.”

street fighter 6

With the Dynamic Controls Scheme, the AI will decide dynamically which attack to perform as the player presses buttons. Based on those buttons, the character’s current position, and situation, the AI will then release a special move.

Here is the catch: Dynamic Controls Scheme will only be available on local gameplay. Classic and Modern Control Schemes will be available on all gameplay modes including online battles.

Street Fighter 6 launches sometime in 2023. It will be available on PC, PS4, PS5, and Xbox Series X/S.