Street Fighter 6 Celebrates Latest Achievement with In-Game Rewards

Congrats CAPCOM!

CAPCOM is now celebrating Street Fighter 6’ new milestone and is celebrating everyone who helped them.

Street Fighter 6 has become one of the favorite fighting games this year due to its gameplay, visuals, and all other small stuff. Apparently, it has become a favorite amongst fans these days since it is newbie friendly without compromising its difficulty of unleashing combos for fans who know their movesets, smooth frame rates, and beautiful visuals. Its loading times on new-gen consoles are also a big plus, which is why it reached this new milestone.

Street Fighter 6 Sells 2 Million Copies Worldwide

It has been reported that Street Fighter 6 has actually sold 2 million copies worldwide, overcoming its previous report a while ago. It is quite an achievement for the game.

To celebrate this new achievement, CAPCOM has given a small in-game gift for the players to redeem. CAPCOM has given players a bundle containing an ID Card photo mode frame, and a background art of Street Fighter 6 logo background.

With this new milestone, Street Fighter 6 has earned its right to join the Platinum Title list of CAPCOM. It joins the ranks of classic CAPCOM titles including old Street Fighter titles, Monster Hunter titles, Resident Evil series, and more. If this new milestone continues to grow, it could actually surpass its predecessors and take the top rank in the Platinum Games List.

Street Fighter 6 is out now on PC, PS4, PS5, and Xbox Series X/S.