Street Fighter 6 Dhalsim Moves List, Combos, and Overview

Unleash Dhalsim's yoga mastery in Street Fighter 6! Learn his moves, combos, and get an overview of this iconic character in this guide.

When you can use yoga as a martial art, you know you’re as good as Dhalsim, who is still a fierce combatant in Street Fighter 6. This yoga master has been an icon in the franchise for more than 30 years, since his original appearance. Use this guide to learn Dhalsim’s moves list and combos, along with an overview of how his character works in Street Fighter 6.

Street Fighter 6 Dhalsim Overview

Dhalsim was one of the first characters revealed to be playable in Street Fighter 6 at the Tokyo Game Show that took place on September 15, 2022. His character showcase was revealed alongside other Street Fighter icons like Blanka, Ken, and E. Honda in a full gameplay trailer.

You may remember Dhalsim as one of the original Street Fighter II characters from 1991. This old esoteric yoga master has been a regular on the Street Fighter roster since his first appearance. His popularity and iconic looks are only rivaled by the likes of Ryu or Blanka.

Hailing from India, Dhalsim can be seen in SF6 offering guidance to lost souls from inside a temple. You’ll get your chance to meet him in the World Tour Mode, where he becomes your master and you can learn his moves and even give him his favorite gifts to increase your bond with him. Despite the freedom he’s attained from his physical limitations, he still claims he can’t understand his wife, kids, or sports in general.

Dhalsim is an extremely tricky fighter with a lot of long-range potential. In Street Fighter 6, he can take advantage of the new Drive Rush mechanic to poke opponents from afar and connect combos before they can see what’s going on. His mastery of fire is more potent now, giving players more use out of his Yoga Fire and Yoga Arch, which are projectiles that he can send out to burn opponents.

Street Fighter 6 did add a new move for Dhalsim, which is the Yoga Comet, an airborne fireball that travels to the opponent diagonally down-forward. His ability to teleport around, throw out fire, and move around in the air make him one of the top picks for players who prefer to poke from a distance before engaging close.

Dhalsim Overview

  • Height: 5’9 (can vary)
  • Weight: 109 lbs (can vary)
  • Likes: Curry, meditation, his wife and son, protecting his village
  • Dislikes: Meat, sweat, violence, corrupted powers

Dhalsim Moves List

Street Fighter 6 Dhalsim

Normal Attacks

  • Back Dash: Backward > Backward
  • Forward Dash: Forward > Forward
  • Back Throw: Backward > Light Punch + Heavy Kick
  • Forward Throw: Forward > Light Punch + Heavy Kick
  • Crouch Heavy Kick: C. Heavy Kick
  • Crouch Heavy Punch: C. Heavy Punch
  • Crouch Medium Kick: C. Medium Kick
  • Crouch Medium Punch: C. Light Punch
  • Crouch Light Kick: C. Light Kick
  • Crouch Light Punch: C. Light Punch
  • Stand Heavy Kick: S. Heavy Kick
  • Stand Heavy Punch: S. Heavy Punch
  • Stand Medium Kick: S. Medium Kick
  • Stand Medium Punch: S. Medium Punch
  • Stand Light Kick: S. Light Kick
  • Stand Light Punch: S. Light Punch
  • Jump Heavy Kick: Jump > Heavy Kick
  • Jump Heavy Punch: Jump > Heavy Punch
  • Jump Medium Kick: Jump > Medium Kick
  • Jump Medium Punch: Jump >Medium Punch
  • Jump Light Kick: Jump > Light Kick
  • Jump Light Punch: Jump > Light Punch

Special Attacks

  • Air Fireball (airborne): Jump > Half-Circle Backward + Punch (or Punch x2)
  • Yoga Arch: Quarter-Circle Forward + Kick (or Kick x2)
  • Yoga Blast: Half-Circle Backward + Kick (or Kick x2)
  • Yoga Comet (airborne): Jump > Quarter-Circle Forward + Punch
  • Yoga Fire: Quarter-Circle Forward + Punch (or Punch x2) > (or [hold] Punch)
  • Yoga Flame: Half-Circle Backward + Punch (or Punch x2)
  • Yoga Float: Down (or Down-Forward) + Kick x2
  • Yoga Teleport: Down (or Down-Forward) > Punch x3 (or Kick x3)

Super Attacks

  • Level 1 Super: Quarter-Circle Forward > Quarter-Circle Forward + Punch
  • Level 2 Super: Quarter-Circle Backward > Quarter-Circle Backward + Punch
  • Critical Art: Quarter-Circle Forward > Quarter-Circle Forward + Kick

Drive Gauge

  • Drive Impact (costs 1 bar): Heavy Punch + Heavy Kick
  • Drive Parry (costs 0.5 bars): Medium Punch + Medium Kick
  • Drive Reversal (costs 2 bars): Block > Forward + Heavy Punch + Heavy Kick
  • Drive Rush Cancel (costs 3 bars): Forward > Forward

Target Combos

  • Crouch Throw: Down + Light Punch + Light Kick
  • Divine Kick: Backward + Medium Kick
  • Drill Headbutt (airborne): Jump > Down + Light Punch
  • Drill Kick (airborne): Jump > Down + Light Kick
  • Karma Kick: Down-Backward + Heavy Kick
  • Nirvana Punch: Down-Backward + Heavy Punch
  • Slide: Down-Backward + Light Kick
  • Thrust Kick: Down-Backward + Medium Kick
  • Yoga Lance: Backward + Heavy Punch
  • Yoga Mountain: Backward + Heavy Kick
  • Yoga Uppercut: Backward + Medium Punch

Street Fighter 6 Dhalsim Best Combos

Yoga Teleport + Divine Kick + Yoga Fire

Down (or Down-Forward) > Punch x3 (or Kick x3) > Punch > Backward + Medium Kick > Half-Quarter Circle Forward + Punch (or Punch x2) > (or [hold] Punch)

Take advantage of just how much maneuverability Dhalsim has by teleporting to the back of your opponents when they’re at a good distance. A quick jab will be the opener before you use Divine Kick and then Yoga Fire to do some good damage. This combo is great for catching opponents off guard, and you can do it right from the start. Just be careful that you don’t use it too often, or else you’ll get predictable.

You can even continue the combo with another Heavy Kick once the opponent is flying down from you charging up the Yoga Fire. Or you can transition into your Super Art if you have the bars for it.

Dhalsim Counters

Because of Dhalsim’s unpredictability and long-ranged attacks, there aren’t that many characters who can match him. He can attack you from almost any range, the bright side is that when he misses, he leaves himself open to brutal counters. This is your best bet for beating Dhalsim in a fair fight.

Characters like Juri or Chun-Li, who have a pretty fast reaction time up close, can be effective counters for Dhalsim. However, due to their lack of ranged options, you really have to keep up the fight without having to move too far away from him.

That’s our Street Fighter 6 Dhalsim moves list, combos, and the overview of his character. This should teach you how to effectively play as Dhalsim in SF6.