Street Fighter 6 Rashid Arrives Fighting Pass Announced

Rashid arrives like a turbulent wind!

CAPCOM has recently announced that Street Fighter 6 Rashid Arrives Fighting Pass.

Street Fighter 6 was recently released last month and was a big hit right away worldwide. Even though it is still the base game, it has a lot of content already and the roster is quite full of powerful fighters. Still, fans are looking for new characters to join the roster especially their favorite old fighters that were popular in previous Street Fighter games. This month, new content is going to be introduced with a familiar fighter from a previous game.

Street Fighter 6 Adds the Turbulent Wind

The official Twitter account of Street Fighter has revealed that the “Turbulent Wind” Rashid is coming to the game from July 4-23, 2023 via the Rashid Arrives Fighting Pass. This pass can be purchased for 250 Fighter Coins only, which costs $4.99.

Fighting Pass Contents

Rashid also comes with cosmetics inspired by him, some in-game music, stickers, an emote, and a couple of other cosmetics like smartphone wallpaper and a photo mode border.

Aside from the content, players can get unlimited access to CAPCOM’s classic 80s arcade shooter Hyper Dyne Side Arms. Those who have progressed the Fighting Pass will make up for the Fighter Coins that were used to buy it.

Street Fighter 6 is now available on PC, PS4, PS5, and Xbox Series X/S.