Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition New Trailer Features Falke Gameplay

Street Fighter V Falke

Game company Capcom recently revealed a new gameplay trailer for Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition. It focused on the upcoming new character Falke.

Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition Falke trailer

Falke will be gracing the popular fighting video game this coming April 24. The trailer showcased all of her moves with her staff as her weapon of choice.

Falke can use Harmony for ranged attacks, but her Psycho Powers are interesting as well. She can store it up by letting players hold down any punch buttons and if released, she will do different projectile based attacks depending on her position.

Falke history

Falke is a clone of M.Bison and was heavily experimented on by the Shadoloo organization. She is able to infuse Psycho power into different objects, like her staff named Harmony. She was rescued by Ed and they have a sibling-like bond.

Falke will have a price tag of $5.99, but she can be earned in-game with 100,000 Fight Money.

Check out Falke’s gameplay trailer below:


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