Street Fighter V Definitive Update Adds Two New Filters, Battle Balance Updates and More

New update, new look!

CAPCOM has announced that a Street Fighter V Definitive Update is coming soon and it will add a lot of content for fans to enjoy.

The Definitive Update, as CAPCOM calls it, will be released this coming March 29, 2022. It will be a free patch for everyone to download with ease. It includes new battle balance updates, cel shading filter, pixel filter, new tracksuit colors, and CAP-JAMS Remixes in-game.

The cel shading and pixel filters can only be applied offline as it may lag the game if played online. The cel shading filter gives the game a new look and changes the shadows in-game. The pixel filter offers nostalgia as it gives the game a CRT-like look that old school Street Fighter games would look like in the past.

The new tracksuits offer various color schemes to choose from. There will be eight options and will be applicable to all characters in-game.

There are new CAP-JAM Remix tracks and this will be applied to all Season Pass 5 character theme songs. These characters are Akira, Dan, Luke, Oro, and Rose.

Street Fighter V is now available on PS4, and PC.