Street Fighter V Celebrates Fifth Anniversary with Release of Dan Hibiki and More

Game company CAPCOM is now celebrating the fifth anniversary of popular action fighting video game Street Fighter V with new content.

Five years ago, SFV was launched to fighting game fans across the world and since then it has continued to grow and evolve into the action-packed powerhouse it is now. And to celebrate that, the historic fifth and final season of the game is now underway with the release of Dan Hibiki and free content for all PlayStation 4 and Steam players. This includes the V-Shift battle mechanic, new training stage and the updated battle balance for all playable characters.

Dan Hibiki, the Master of Saikyo fighting techniques, has entered the SFV stage. He is a mainstay character from the SF Alpha series and last appeared in SFIV and he is also a training partner of Ryu and Ken. He considers himself well-equipped to school anyone who will not back down. Get Dan with the Season 5 Character Pass or the Season 5 Premium Pass.

V-Shift battle mechanic offers players the new defensive mode. If time correctly, the V-shift will allow players to execute a fully invincible backdash that slows down time for a short period. This will then allow players to counter attack their opponents. The Grid Alternative stage is now available for free.

Four more characters will be joining later on like Rose, Oro, Akira, and a fifth and final unannounced character. There will be 26 new costumes and 2 new stages including a Rose stage and Akira stage.

Check out the details of the Season 5 Passes below:

  • Season 5 Character Pass
    • All five Season 5 Characters and Costume Colors 3-10
    • Five Battle Costumes (one for each Season 5 Character)
    • Six Titles
    • Bonus Content: Eleven
    • Exclusive PS4 Themes and Steam wallpapers
  • Season 5 Premium Pass
    • All five Season 5 Characters and Costume Colors 3-10
    • 26 NEW Costumes
    • Two NEW Stages
    • All costume colors for all Season 5 characters
    • Eight Titles
    • Bonus Content: Eleven
    • 100,000 Fight Money
    • Exclusive PS4 Themes and Steam wallpapers

Street Fighter V is now available on PS4 and PC via Steam.

Here’s Dan’s character trailer: