Street Fighter V Free Characters Season Pass Trials Available October to November

Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition

Game company CAPCOM just announced the Street Fighter V Free Characters Season Pass Trials.

The Free Characters Season Pass Trials is a method for fans who want to try out the DLCs for free. This will be available to try out starting this month until November 2020. Each week, a different season pass will be available with its six characters all available to use.

Starting on Oct 14, players will be able to check out Season Pass 1 with characters Balrog, Alex, Guile, Juri, Ibuki, and Urien for free until Oct. 20. On the next day, the Season Pass 2 characters will be available, which includes Akuma, Abigail, Kolin, Ed, Zeku, and Menat until Oc. 27.

Season Pass 3 will be available on Oct. 28 until Nov. 3. It will include Cody, Blanka, G, Falke, Sagat, and Sakura. On Nov. 4 until Nov. 10, players can try out Season Pass 4 with Gill, E.Honda, Kage, Posion, Lucia, and Seth.

Street Fighter V: Champion Edition is now available to purchase on PC and PlayStation 4.