Suicide Squad Kill the Justice League servers taken down just an hour after it launched early access

Rocksteady Studios took Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League offline merely one hour into the early access launch of its Deluxe Edition. The move comes in response to a bug that automatically completes players’ games.

Players who had to spend an additional $30 for the Deluxe Edition were granted three days of early access. However, as reported by IGN (originally from VGC), the game is currently offline in New Zealand and Southeast Asia (I was able to confirm this), and this downtime is expected to persist for “several hours.”

Rocksteady acknowledged the issue in a statement posted on X/Twitter.

“We’re aware that a number of players are currently experiencing an issue whereby upon logging into the game for the first time, they have full story completion,” according to the official X/Twitter page of Suicide Squad Kill the Justice League. “To resolve this issue, we will be performing maintenance on the game servers. During this time, the game will be unavailable. We expect this to take several hours and will update once we have more information. We apologize for the inconvenience.”

While it’s marketed that the game can be played alone, it seems that without the servers, players are unable to get into the game. This incident further calls for the need to have an offline mode for games that can be played without the need for any game servers.

For now, we have to wait until Rocksteady fixes the bug that causes a “full story completion” after playing for the first time.