Suikoden I and II Remaster Video Features Two Important Runes

Two of the most powerful True Runes showcased!

Konami has released a new clip of Suikoden I and II featuring two powerful runes in the game.

The game company recently asked the gaming community what they would like to see next on the Suikoden remasters clips to share online. The winner turned out to be two of the most powerful runes in Suikoden II which were the Bright Shield and the Black Sword True Runes shown in their remastered forms.

Two of the major characters in Suikoden II are using the True Runes with Riou using the Bright Shield Shining Light and Jowy using the Black Sword Piercing One. The Bright Shield would deal AOE damage to all enemies while the Black Sword attack deals 700 damage.

Konami also asked fans in the Twitter poll other Runes like the Pale Gate Rune, Thunder Rune, and Resurrection Rune. These other three runes have appeared in the other game. The Runes are items that characters can equip to use magic and special abilities. There are 27 True Runes which are the strongest in the world.

Suikoden I and II HD Remaster launch on Nintendo Switch, PS4, Xbox One, and PC sometime in 2023.