Summer Lessons Tips – Prepare for the “Adventure”

You just got yourself a PSVR and Summer Lessons to go with it? Why not jump right in and see for yourself what it’s like to tutor a Japanese schoolgirl right? Before you go and do that here’s a few tips to take note of to prepare you for this immersive experience into what is probably the future of visual novels/dating sims.


Keep Everything Clean

You might be curious about certain aspects of the game and just happen to have the spirit of a great explorer, so much so that you’d probably disregard the use of a chair throughout your whole playthrough. So it’s best to keep everything in the real world tidy because we never know where or in what position you may end up in during your quest to become a world explorer.

Note: You’re only limited by the position of the PS Camera.

Prepare for Eye Contact

During your “tutoring” sessions, Hikari-chan will keep on having intimate eye-to-eye contact with you for most of the time when both of you are engaged in conversation. It doesn’t matter if your way above or way below her, she’ll keep on looking at your virtual eyes. Just don’t get creep out by it and if you’re like me you could always “explore” or stare right back and be mesmerize by her.

If You’re not Japanese then don’t get too Close to Hikari-chan

It doesn’t necessarily mean you need to be Japanese, you just need to understand Nippongo. Because if you get too close to her then the english subtitles will fade out. I understand you’re curiosity but the girl could use some space. In my case I watched too many anime already and it didn’t bother me much since I could get the gist of what she was saying each time I got a “bit” too close.

Use Your Lucky items

The game will give you items when you 1st start the game so its best to try them all out since there’s an option where you can just skip them when you plan the “sessions”. Each item will present a different scenario that will occur after the session. Each scenario is unique depending on the type of item you selected.

Notice Me Sensei

Hikari-chan likes to talk so don’t ignore her during your “adventures”. Found this one out the hard way. Just make sure your selecting the options promptly then you can continue with your personal objectives.

Note: You’re not her senpai. Maybe someday…. someday.

Don’t bother with the Backgrounds

Most of the details are on Hikari-chan.

Prepare to have Your Controller Function Extremely Differently

One part of the game’s controls turns your controller into something else entirely and the distance will matter.

Note: You could always read my review to find out what it is.

Eat A Meal In the Real World

I’m not kidding, it’s best if you’ve eaten a real meal before playing the game because you might get hungry when Hikari-chan is suddenly feeding you virtual keke (cake) which doesn’t really look appetizing but her feeding me was enough to get my stomach grumbling a bit and craving some actual keke.

She Really Doesn’t Mind That Much

If you get too close to Hikari-chan she will shy away a bit in a realistic manner. Don’t worry she’ll still let you do it but you gotta admit that level of “detail” is amazing.

Note: My use of “detail” here means 2 things.

Do Your Job

You actually need to do what’s in your job description in this game. You need to plan out your lessons well or else Hikari-chan will lose the will to study. So try to mix it up here and there and engage her when necessary and praise her if you want to as well.

You Don’t Need to Listen to Her

When Hikari-chan asks you to do something for her, you are free to follow her instructions to the letter or show off your “adventurous” side.

Note: Trophies/Personal Achievements

Lastly, Let It Immerse You

The game really has a lot of details put into the interactions between you and Hikari-chan that it’s very life-like and I for one couldn’t help myself but to just accept it as something natural. Kudos to the developers in this aspect since this is the most immersive game I’ve ever played and I’ve modded the hell out of Skyrim that I used up all the mod slots the Nexus Mod Manager allows.

So there you have it. You don’t need to take my word for it though and you can see for yourself if this was on point or not. Just remember to enjoy the game and have fun in this strange and exciting new world filled with possibilities.

Since I am the reviewer of the game, I have a duty to explore as much as I can about this game and share it with the readers.

Note: I feel I have barely scratched the surface, I must return to this neverendless quest. Wish me luck!

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