How To Unlock Super Cena in WWE 2K23

Learn how to unlock the strongest persona of John Cena in WWE 2k23

How To Unlock Super Cena in WWE 2K23

John Cena has debuted many personas in his career as a wrestler. In WWE 2K23, players can play off different versions of him from his debut in the late 2000s to the 2010s. From Ruthless Aggression to Doctor of Thuganomics to the Leader of the C-Nation, John Cena has done it all. Despite all the versions of Cena we, the fans have seen, there is one persona that tops them all and that is the Super Cena. In this WWE 2K23 guide, players will learn how to unlock this ultimate version of John Cena, so read on and enjoy.

What is Super Cena

What is Super Cena?

Super Cena is the embodiment of John Cena’s ultimate wrestling persona, where he overpowers opponents when cornered. This concept began as a fan meme when Cena would swing matches in his favor, like in his first WWE title defense against JBL in an I Quit match or his showdown with Batista at Wrestlemania for the WWE Championship belt. In WWE 2K23, Super Cena is effectively the most formidable wrestler in the entire roster, boasting a perfect 100 rating. Sporting his usual gear, he has no visible limbs at all—making him literally invisible to opponents.

John Cena’s famous catchphrase, “You can’t see me!” has become an iconic part of this persona in WWE. He often uses the line to taunt his opponents during matches. While saying the catchphrase, Cena performs a hand gesture known as the “Five Knuckle Shuffle,” where he waves his open hand in front of his face, symbolizing that his opponent can’t see him.

How To Unlock Super Cena in WWE 2K23

How To Unlock Super Cena in WWE 2K23

To unlock Super Cena in WWE 2k23, players are required to play the Showcase Mode. Players must go through all 14 chapters of the Showcase Mode by completing its objectives, then a secret bonus chapter called “Didn’t See That Coming” will be unlocked where Super Cena will appear and players must defeat him.

How to beat Super Cena in WWE 2k23?

It is recommended to use wrestlers with ratings 90 or above to face Super Cena but if players would want to challenge themselves further, they can also use wrestlers whose rating is below 90. Defeat Super Cena via pinfall or submission. And only by successfully defeating him will players be able to instantly unlock this meme version of John Cena.

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