Super Mario Odyssey Will Take Full Advantage Of Nintendo Switch’s Joy-Cons, Says Koizumi

Our red cap-wearing plumber is back and it’s just 2 more weeks away before Super Mario Odyssey’s launch on Nintendo Switch. With the power of the Nintendo Switch’s Joy-Cons, players will get to experience more with the controllers on Super Mario Odyssey.

According to a GamesMaster (November 2017 Issue) interview with the Super Mario Odyssey’s producer, Yoshiaki Koizumi, each Joy-Con will have its own feature to activate abilities. Players can ignore the buttons but the game encourages you to use them as each creature will have its own unique feature.

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One of the first things that I showed to the Odyssey development team were the Joy-Con. And I said to them, ‘Please make sure you make use of the Joy-Con when designing this game, the fact that you can hold them in both hands separately, the HD rumble.’ All the functionality, I asked them to take it into consideration.[/alert]

Koizumi also explained that when you’re developing a game like 3D Mario, you’ll constantly bump into discoveries of what can work in the game. He also considers that Super Mario Odyssey has all the Mario games’ DNA.

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I’ve been involved on pretty much all the 3D Mario titles since 64. And as you design and develop those games you’re constantly making discoveries about what works in a 3D Mario game, so I would say that they’re all kind of connected. It’s like Super Mario Odyssey has the DNA of all of those in it.[/alert]

Super Mario Odyssey will launch on October 27 exclusively for the Nintendo Switch.