Super Robot Wars T – Review in Progress

Fighting against terrible monsters, aliens, and human villains is a staple for the Super Robot Wars franchise, and this is true for this one: Super Robot Wars T. This time around it is the story of a company taking on the job of saving the world and setting an example for their employees.

Just like its predecessors, Super Robot Wars T is still the same: over the top fan-service for anime robot fans. In this installment, I already met familiar faces from different mecha anime series that have starred in previous titles like GaoGaiGar, Mobile Suit Gundam Z and ZZ, G Gundam, Mazinger Z, and more. You will be able to see some amazing fighting animations with robot against robot, monsters, space battleships, and so much more. Again, it is a staple for this series to have these kinds of characters and units.

If you ever get bored with the same fighting animations, you can always turn it off. This option was implemented a few titles back as an improvement and to make the gameplay faster. The fights are interesting, but watching that too many times can make it look boring and loopy. Best to turn it off on the battle menu to move on faster.

Super Robot Wars T Gundam Z

The good news is that players can now choose the difficulty for the game, which is a refreshing idea. This can allow newcomers to breeze through the game easily if they just want to go through the story. The experience players and fans can opt for the normal and hard difficulties. Normal allows the game to slowly make the playthrough harder as players go through the missions. The third difficulty allows experienced fans to play the game at hard difficulty right at the start.

After more than 10 hours of playing Super Robot Wars T, I can say that this game visually is almost the same as the previous game, Super Robot Wars X. This is not a negative thing, mind you, but do not expect that the visuals have changed like going for full 3D. It is still the same 2D fighting scenes experience with grid type battlefields and a visual novel type storytelling.

I particularly like Super Robot Wars T’s story this time around, which revolves around a mech-building company, and its employees. I chose the salaryman (male protagonist) as my hero for this playthrough, and he is an interesting fellow. Not only that, the female protagonist also joins the game as a supporting cast member, which is another interesting feature. In addition, its whole universe this time around is mostly mixed with different mecha anime series compared to previous titles that include time and dimensional travel as a way to tie them all in. Characters from other series know each other and even praise or denounce their deeds in some war or an alien invasion.

So far all of the other features check out like changing the OST theme of your robots, settings, upgrades, customizations, side missions, and more. I just have one, very minor complaint, which is the position of the next mission button on the intermission menu. I have, for a few times, accidentally pressed this particular button without saving and had to go to the previous mission again. I was hoping it was a button away from the table of options for this particular menu so that I cannot accidentally press that before saving it. Now I have to save the game after finishing one mission right away before making some changes.

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Tested on: PS4