Superhot: Mind Control Delete to Launch This Month on PlayStation 4

Superhot Mind Control Delete

Superhot Team Co-Director of Mind Control Delete Cezary Skorupka recently announced that upcoming new version Superhot: Mind Control Delete will launch next week.

Mind Control Delete or MCD as what the devs would like to call will be launching on July 16 for the PlayStation 4. According to Skorupka, MCD is the culmination of all the things they worked on for the original game and now they do not know what genre it is anymore.

MCD will have similar gameplay to the original game, but it will have levels that will be less linear. If players go through sequences and die in that section, they will have to restart that section again. If they succeed, more challenges will get unlocked as a reward. There are more enemy types, weapons, new abilities, and power-ups to explore. It will not be super linear anymore and the story is “non-existent.”

To celebrate, MCD will be free to download for everyone who has purchased the original, non-VR version of the game. It will be available on almost every platform it has been released on. For the PS4, the free copy of MCD will be added automatically to the PS4 games library after the release when they detect the original in it.

Source: PlayStation Blog

Check out the reveal trailer here: