Supermassive’s The Dark Pictures Anthology: Little Hope Delayed to Fall 2020

The Dark Pictures Anthology: Little Hope Curator

Everything changed when the pandemic, COVID-19 entered the scene as Supermassive announced that they will be releasing The Dark Pictures Anthology: Little Hope this fall instead of summer. Although their 200-member team already adjusted to the new normal as they work from home, delay is still inevitable as they needed to communicate with external partners.

CEO Pete Samuel wrote:

Our industry, and the entire world, have been faced with an unprecedented situation over the last few months. Since the COVID-19 crisis hit in March, Supermassive Games has had our 200 strong team working from home. Our priority. throughout, has been the safety of our team.

We have now been working successfully at home for some time, with the entire team committed to delivering the best possible games. With that in mind it rests with me to make the unfortunate announcement that Little Hope will be delayed past the summer release already announced, now targeting fall 2020.

Our priority has been to keep people safe, and that includes actors and stage crews on whose talents we depend so heavily, other work forces external to our business who all help to create the games we make, and all of the talented people that work within our studio. We will continue to follow government and industry body advice and will only embark on any element of development when such advice tells us that it is safe to do so.

This is the second chapter of a three-set horror, psychological video game. First chapter, Man of Medan was released in August 2018.

Are you looking forward to play this thriller? I am.

Source: PlayStation Lifestyle