Surviving Mars Makes a Big Return with Free Tourism Update

Surviving Mars

Game publisher Paradox Interactive has announced that the development of survival colony builder Surviving Mars has resumed under the helm of developer Abstraction.

The survival colony builder set on the red planet Mars now has a new developer. It has also celebrated milestone of surpassing 5 million players in the lifetime of the game across all platforms. To make it even better, Paradox Interactive has announced that it will launch an In-Dome Buildings Pack and a free Tourism Update that will be available to all players today.

The Tourism Update is free for all Surviving Mars players and revamps tourists, introduces a RC Safari, adds buildings, and more. With this update, players can expect to see some of their most-requested tourism features, such as Holiday Experience rating rewards and consequences.

Tourism Update Key Features:

  • Happy Holidays – Tourists will now rate their stay in your colony to determine their Holiday Experience Rating. That rating will determine what rewards, funds, and additional tourist applicants players will receive. 
  • Movin On Up – Hotels can be built after completing the Smart Homes research to increase tourist comfort and raise satisfaction. Players can also build a Low-G Amusement Park that adds a boost to each tourists’ Satisfaction stat.
  • Rover Safaris – Set waypoints at places of interest and let tourists go sightseeing around your colony for increased satisfaction. Players can order an RC Safari from Earth, or build it on their own after completing the Rover Printing research project.

Developed in partnership with long-time community modder Silva, the In-Dome Buildings Pack continues Paradox’s commitment to supporting outstanding content creators in its community. This content creator pack introduces 8 buildings and a host of technical additions to expand housing and community options. The In-Dome Buildings Content Creator Pack can be purchased for a suggested retail price of $4.99 USD on Steam, Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and other online retailers.

The In-Dome Buildings Pack Includes:

  • Habitats for Humanity
    • Smart Apartments (Habitats, Large)
    • Seniors Residence (Habitats, Medium)
    • Large Nursery (Habitats, Large)
  • Dome Sweet Dome
    • Medical Post (Dome Services, Small)
    • Security Post (Dome Services, Small)
    • Hospital (Dome Services, Large)
    • TV Studio Workshop (Dome Services, Large)
    • School Spire (Dome Spires, Spire)

“Since the launch of Surviving Mars: Green Planet, our players have been asking what’s next for Surviving Mars. The Tourism Update is just the beginning. The game is in good hands with Abstraction, they’re a team of veteran developers with years of experience making AAA titles and are passionate about Surviving Mars,” Magnus Lysell, Product Manager for Surviving Mars at Paradox Interactive said. “We’re humbled by the overwhelming support for Surviving Mars. 5 million players is huge and we can’t wait to share what’s next with all of you soon!”

Paradox and Abstraction also revealed that a fully-featured Surviving Mars expansion is in the works and will launch sometime later in 2021.

Surviving Mars is currently free to download on the Epic Games Store until March 18. It is also available on Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

Source: Press Release

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