Switch Consoles Will Be Shipped More Assures Nintendo

Game company Nintendo assured its gaming community that more Switch consoles will be shipped after shortage of supply.

Switch Consoles to be resupplied soon

Supplies are currently either halted or slowed down right now due to the coronavirus pandemic, but Nintendo still assures that there will be more consoles coming to other countries soon. While there was a shortage a while back, the company has now announced that there will be more units coming to stores worldwide.

A representative of the gaming company reveals that they know that the popular hybrid console system is getting sold out at several areas in the United States.

In an official tweet of Nintendo in Japan, it stated that standard shipping of the units is on hold. They are now trying to resolve the supply chain issues. Those who have reserved the units a few weeks ago can expect them coming this week.

Coronavirus has impacted the production line of the console systems, which resulted to standard shipments delayed. Most of the components are produced in the production facilities located in China, and these are the places that are heavily hit of the coronavirus. Some of it are starting to reopen, so there is a chance shipments will come online again.

Thanks DualShockers. Source: GameIndustry.Biz