Sym Now Available on Steam

An exploration of the pressures and uncertainties of social anxiety, Sym is the journey of a teenager navigating two worlds, one real and one imagined, coexisting within the blank spaces of each other. Sym is available now on Steam.

Sym Launch Trailer:

Guide Josh, a teenage boy affected by social anxiety disorder, through a shifting maze of black-and-white. Move at will between reality and the world Josh created to avoid his fears, but beware of the dangers lurking across the divide.

With Shared World, form connections to other players and explore their creations. Design your own levels and use the doorways of Shared World to link to those of other players, building a network of self-expression and discovery.

From ATRAX Games and Mastertronic, Sym is available now for PC and Mac. Try out the demo or grab the full game with a launch discount of 25% off.