System Shock Remake Bridge Mission Level 9: Bridge Walkthrough

This guide goes through the Bridge Level of System Shock Remake and shares the locations of the collectibles and key items within the level.

System Shock Remake Bridge Level 9 cover

Bridge is one of the levels that are part of the final Bridge Mission of System Shock Remake. With just seconds to spare, the Hacker manages to get to the bridge before it gets separated from the station and he is about to face against the wrath of SHODAN. Read ahead as we go through the Bridge Level of System Shock Remake and share the location of the key items and collectibles that can be found in the level.

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System Shock Remake Bridge Mission Level 9: Bridge Walkthrough

From the elevator, head east into the maze. Look for the switch up the north side and flip it to deactivate the bridges, allowing you access to the level below. Clear out all of the robots first, then solve the junction box in the middle of the maze to open the first Force Door leading to the Computer Room.

Head back out of the maze to the west and follow the path up north. You will eventually see a switch that will shut off the radiation in the central area that you will be in later on.

System Shock Remake Bridge Mission Level 9: Bridge Walkthrough

Continue moving towards the northwest area, where you will arrive at a chamber with a central pillar that has a lever. There are also enemies behind barriers on the sides of this chamber. Pull the lever in the middle to open the barrier down south. Pull the south lever to open east, then the east lever to open north. On the north side is a junction box that will open another Force Door.

Make your way to the southeast maze area by taking the west path once you reach the bridge with barriers, through the contaminated area, and then through the maze of homing mines. On the north side of this maze is another junction box that will open another Force Door.

Go to the southern room, where you will fight another Cortex Reaver. Rush this enemy or use the pillars as cover, then loot the corpse for the Isolinear Chipset. Then, go to the southwest chamber, where there’s a slot that the chipset goes into.

Then, access the central area via the eastern entrance. As soon as you get in, head to the northern side and ride the gravlift up top. Pull the lever nearby to start charging the next gravlift. Charging will take a while, so try to survive the wave of enemies that will be thrown at you. Once done, ride the lift all the way up and take the teleporter.

You will be in a room with another Cortex Reaver boss fight. Keep moving and try to stay clear of its grenades while shooting at it from a distance. Once it’s dead, loot the corpse to get a Command Keycard. Use this keycard at the door to the east to find a Cyberspace Terminal.

Inside cyberspace is the final fight against SHODAN. Pick up the weapon and destroy the barrier, then ride the platform. Once you are on an island, you will see SHODAN’s form. Ride another platform to go to the next island. Activate another platform near the edge to make two arches appear.

You will then have to shoot SHODAN through these arches until a light appears, signaling a fight against smaller enemies. Once all the enemies have been dealt with, you can proceed with shooting SHODAN once more. Continue repeating this cycle until a spike appears, which will restrain SHODAN. Do these steps on two more islands until SHODAN has been fully restrained.

The scene then shifts to an exhausted Hacker next to a rebooted SHODAN, while a rescue ship flies towards the bridge. The Hacker is then shown to be back in his house as it goes to the game’s credits. Congratulations! You have beaten System Shock.

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