Tales of Arise: Beyond the Dawn Complete Walkthrough

A complete list of all the chapter walkthroughs for Tales of Arise: Beyond the Dawn

Tales of Arise Beyond the Dawn Complete Walkthrough cover

Tales of Arise: Beyond the Dawn follows the story of Alphen and Shionne a year after the events of the main story. The pair are working on sealing the mausoleums that litter the new world after the two worlds merged. They then cross paths with a mysterious girl named Nazamil, who is treated as an outcast due to her mixed blood.

Read ahead as we share the walkthroughs for all the twelve main quests of Tales of Arise: Beyond the Dawn.

The Lord’s Daughter Guide

Alphen and Shionne meet a mysterious girl named Nazamil, who is being chased by both Dahnans and Renans for being a Lord and a Dahnan’s daughter. The pair then decide to help Nazamil as they meet up once again with their old allies.

Warmth Guide

After not being able to find a safe shelter in Niez for Nazamil, the group decides to bring her with them as they locate and seal mausoleums.

Branded Guide

Nazamil encounters Helganquil tech and accidentally activates it due to her being a Sovereign, causing a powerful zeugle to appear.

Free From Pursuit Guide

The group then travels to Viscint and eventually finds a safe place for Nazamil to live and stay.

Budding Guide

The group heads out to help other citizens in the new world. After helping out a rancher ward off a zeugle from his ranch, the group then receives a call for help back in Niez, where the Dahnans and the Renans have escalated their conflict. Nazamil offered to scout ahead.

Feared Guide

As the group arrives back in Niez, they find out that Nazamil has been using her powers to bring about the hollowing, causing the citizens to fear her and become hostile towards her.

Disappearance and Distress Guide

Feeling the guilt and hatred towards her, Nazamil decides to leave the group and find a way to fix things on her own.

One’s Own Master Guide

Alphen and the rest tried to search for Nazamil everywhere but could only ever find vague leads as to where she had been. They then decide to head back to Ulzebek, where Alphen has to face his own dilemma of being a hero who tries to help everyone.

Faceless Guide

The group heads back to Niez, but they find that most of its residents have been influenced by a mask. They then learn from Baephon that it was Nazamil who was behind the masking of the citizens in her effort to make them all think the same and end conflict.

For Whom GUide

Nazamil’s base of operations has been located in a mausoleum deep in the Shinefall Woods. The group then heads into the mausoleum to try to stop Nazamil before it’s too late.

Land of the Beginning Guide

After losing Nazamil to being fully influenced by the Keystone, Alphen and the group now have to find a way to reach Nazamil in the control center of all the mausoleums.

Beyond the Dawn Guide

The group then makes their way through the Keystone’s corridors, stairs, and monsters in the hope that they can still save Nazamil from her fate and the new world from its destruction.