Tales of Arise Guide: Where to Find All Owls

Welcome to our guide on how to find all the owls in Tales of Arise! There are 38 owls in the game. The first 32 are found as explore various regions. The final 6 are unlocked once you beat the game and find the others.

Each of the first 32 owls you find gives you an outfit item. The final 6 give you an artifact that allows you to carry over certain things in a New Game+.

Once you defeat the first lord and befriend Rinwell and find yourself in the Lacerda Cliffs, Hootle will have a skill unlocked that helps you locate owls. Once you enter an area where owls are present, Rinwell will say, “I think Hootle senses something.” When you’re close to the owl, Hootle starts flying around, and you’ll begin hearing the Owl’s distinct hoot.

As part of our Tales of Arise guide, here’s where to find all owls in the game.

Where to find all Owls in Tales of Arise

Owl Related Trophies

  • Owl Spotter  – Find and report 13 owls. The lonely forest is beginning to show signs of feathered life.
  • Owl Scouter – Find and report 32 owls. The forest is now starting to teem with hordes of hooting owl galore.
  • Owl Homecoming  – Find and report all of the owls. Even with his cohorts back, Hootle’s place remains with Rinwell.

Red Owls located in Calaglia

Sandinus Ravine. Before the entrance to Ulzebek at the end of a bridge.Dog tail
Ulzebek, on top of the Crimson Crows’ hideout.Rabbit Ears
Mosgul – In the area where you rescue Doc. It’s behind a wall.Monocle
Trench of Flames at the Castle Gate. In the first house after passing the bridge.Dog Ears
Glanymede Castle 3F. It’s surrounded by chickens.Rabbit Tail
Trench of Flames. Under a broken, metal-link gate propped against a wall.Left Bandage
Iglia Wastes. On a hill in the bottom left of the map up a ladder.Spotted Cat Ears
Kyrd Garrison. Down a side path near the entrance to Mosgul.Cat Tail
Lacreda Cliffs. Near camp.Frame Glasses

Blue Owls Located in Cyslodia

Messia 224. In a basket near some chickens and a cow.Wolf Ears
White Silver Plains. At the end before entering the town.Left Eyepatch
Nevira Snowplains. Middle of the lake on top of a rock.Wolf Tail
Cysloden Alley. Perched on a rock near a large pool of waterSunglasses
Rivelle Prison Tower 2F. On top of a book shelf.Devil Horns
Frozen Valley. High in tree near bridge.Half Frames

Yellow Owls located in Menancia

Overseer Hill. High in a tree near the pier past the camping spot.Red Tropical Corsage 
Traslida Highway. Hidden in the yellow grass near the horse stable.Devil Wings
Tietal Plain. On the opposite side of the arched rock formation.Giggle Glasses
Viscial. In a bucket near one of the market stands.Halo
Autelina Palace . In the kitchen on a high shelf.Crown
Talka Pond Road. High on the wall on the left side of the map. Devil Tail

Green Owls located in Mahag Saar

Niez. In a basket on the far right of the map near the broken fountain with the statue.Red Rose Corsage
Aqfortle Hills. On top of a destroyed house near the beginning of the area. Retro Sunglasses
Adan Lake. Go through the lake in the middle of the area and through the open gate uphill. It’s on top of a big stone gate, but you must drop down to it after going as high as you can in the area. Angry Glasses
Adan Ruins. Perched on a column near the beginning on the left side of the mapAngel Wings
Mobile Fortress Gradia Ship Interior Level 2. This owl is missable! In one of the cabins on the top left of the map.Butterfly Wings

Purple Owls located in Ganath Haros

Tuah Seashore. Off in the distance near the exit.  Right Eyepatch
Thistlym. Near the exit under a torch.Star Hair Clip
Shinefall Woods. On top of a large arch, you must walk across.Right Bandage
Lavtu Marshlands. Perched on the corner of a stone block in the south-west.Swirly Glasses
Pelegion – Level 2. Near the elevator to Level 3 on the wall. Available after beating the 5th Lord.Sad Glasses
Del Fharis Castle – Central Entrance Plaza 4F. Left side of the map near the healing point.Hootle Doll

Once you’ve found the first 32 Owls and beaten the game, return to the Owl King in the Owl Forest. Once you do that, a notice pops up telling you that “Special owls seem to have appeared throughout Dahna.”

The Final 6 Owls

Lord’s Chamber in Glanymede Castle. Seated on the throne.Battle Maiden’s Shield (allows you to carry over equipment in New Game+)
 Calaglia. Iglia Wastes. Have Dohalim grow vines where the map action is located and climb up.Vivid Sphere
(allows you to carry over stats to New Game+)
Hidden Chamber in Rivielle Prison Tower. Defeat the giant zeugle in the sub-quest “Survey Says” to get the key for the chamber. The owl is inside.Broken Machine Gun (allows you to carry over Gald and Items to New Game+)
Guard Room in Autelina Palace (2F) Ancient Excavator (allows you to carry over character levels in New Game+)
Uninhabited Island. Reach Rena at the end of the game, and backtrack to Tuah Seashore for the quest “Beyond the Grave” and kill the boss at the end. The owl appears once you defeat the boss.Metal Miner’s Cap (allows you to carry over arte proficiencies in New Game+)
Lord’s Chamber in Del Fharis Castle. Seated on the throne.Trident (allows you to carry over all skills into New Game+)

Tales of Arise is available on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and PC.