Tales of Symphonia Remastered Developers Apologizes for Numerous Issues

The game at release was a huge disaster.

The Tales of Team has recently shared a new statement in regard to the recent issues plaguing the newly released Tales of Symphonia Remastered.

A new update was already released a week ago on the PS4 and Nintendo Switch, but before that happened, the game had tons of issues that made many players annoyed. One of the issues that made them very upset was the new version running at 30 fps which was low compared to the original version that ran at 60 fps and on GameCube, a very old console.

Aside from that particular bad issue, others included very bad textures that get broken during gameplay, EXTREMELY long loads even though the game was installed on SSD, and a lot of game crashes. The fans’ hype went from super high to extremely low in one shot.

The Japanese Twitter account of the Tales series has now shared a statement that the developers admit their mistakes in development and are now planning to release a new update to fix the game.

Here is a translated version of the post via VGC: “We have confirmed that there is a problem with gameplay in this product version that is currently on sale. We are currently investigating a fix.”

“We will inform you about the update for future fixes as soon as it is known. We will send it from this account, so please wait for the information. We apologize for the inconvenience caused to our customers.”

tales of symphonia remastered

Tales of Symphonia is now available on Nintendo Switch, PS4, and Xbox One.

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