Tekken 8 Brings Back Hwoarang with New Look and Supreme Taekwondo Arts

Hwoarang wears a similar gi that his late master wore in previous games.

Taekwondo master Hwoarang is back in Tekken 8 with an introduction fans will never forget.

Tekken 8: Hwoarang Honors His Late Master with New Looks

A new gameplay trailer was recently added to the Bandai Namco Entertainment America YouTube channel and officially revealed Hwoarang as the new playable character to join Tekken 8. A big departure from his eyepatched look and slicked-back hair, he now dons a regular Taekwondo gi, long hair, fighting gloves, and a rather clean face this time around. It seems there has been a lot going on after Tekken 7 events and now he takes up the mantle (finally) of his late master.

Tekken 8: Hwoarang’s Big Bike Intro

Tekken 8’s Hwoarang enters the new arena (looks like a hangar) with his signature Harley-Davidson big bike and still has his hot-headed attitude. His lines might still be the same from his younger years, but his attitude in combat seems to have matured this time around with better, steady form just like his master, Baeko Doo San. In this new clip, he fights Nina and his eternal rival Jin.

Tekken 8: Hwoarang Mixes Old and New Taekwondo Techniques

Hwoarang still has his original moves from previous Tekken entries, but now with some new flavor into it. The video especially highlights his new rage arts and counters that are not usually his method of fighting. He still has a variety of kick attacks though, which look deadlier and more precise.

Tekken 8: Hwoarang Becomes 13th Playable Character

Hwoarang is now the 13th playable character to join the ever-growing roster of Tekken 8. Katsuhiro Harada, game director and producer for Tekken 8 teased in his interview a while ago that this new entry to the series will have a more extensive roster than its competitor, Street Fighter 6. For the currently known and confirmed full set of characters, check here.

Tekken 8 is still in development and still has no release date. It will be available on PC, PS5, and Xbox Series X/S.