Tekken 8 Lili Trailer Introduces the Fighting Heiress

Lili and Salt are here!

Bandai Namco Entertainment recently released the new Tekken 8 Lili trailer which officially introduces the “Fighting Heiress”.

Emilie “Lili” De Rochefort is again a playable character in Tekken 8. After the reveal of Asuka Kazama, it was a given that Lili would follow too since she is Asuka’s “stalker”. She comes in with a dress similar to previous games but has some changes.

Tekken 8 Director Katsuhiro Harada recently posted a new tweet on his personal account talking about Lili’s design. He revealed that the one who designed her is Jasmin Darnell who worked on other series like Wonder Woman comics.

tekken 8 lili

Lili’s movesets are mostly the same with powerful kicks as her main feature. She has new attacks now, especially her Rage art Un Deus Troix which hilariously lets her control her opponent’s movements until she dispatches them with a powerful attack.

Salt, Lili’s cat, makes an appearance here and casually leaves at the start of the match and then comes back to be cuddled by Lili.

Tekken 8 launches on PC, PS5, and Xbox Series X/S with no release date yet.

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