The Anacrusis Crossplay Multiplayer – How to Play with Friends on PC

Featured Image Does Anacrusis Support Cross-Platform Play

The Anacrusis with its crossplay functionality features cross-platform multiplayer for Xbox One and PC.

Blasting aliens is always going to be good fun with your friends. Especially with another spiritual successor of Left 4 Dead with its own quirks and twists because being able to play with your friends no matter the platform is always a big deal.

If you’ve been wondering if it’s going to be a problem to play with your friends on different platforms, don’t worry. We’re here to help you learn everything about The Anacrusis crossplay.

Does Anacrusis Support Cross-Platform Play?

Yes, The Anacrusis does support crossplay. Cross-platform play isn’t a problem for those who have friends on different platforms. You’ll be able to play with your friends regardless of what they’re playing on.

Even if you’re playing through Steam or the Epic Games store, it doesn’t make any difference. Devlog 12 confirmed this, which is great news for the game because it will allow players from different platforms to play together.

So there’s no need to worry about anyone missing all the fun of blasting parasitic alien lifeforms away. Squad up and get ready to kill some hostile lifeforms in space!

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How to Invite Players to Your Party in The Anacrusis?

In The Anacrusis, playing with your friends isn’t as simple as sending an invite unfortunately. Starting a party is a relatively simple endeavor however but The Anacrusis has its own style of getting the band together.

Instead of opening up your friends list to see who’s online, you’ll have to use the game’s Party Code system. This system will give you a randomly generated code which you then give you to your friends so they can join you on the same lobby.

The randomly generated code will be unique per lobby. You’ll get a different one every time you boot up the game. So no need to write it down. You also don’t need to worry about some stranger joining either. Unless one of your friends posts the code on social media allowing anyone to join in your live game.

Turn Off Crossplay Does The Anacrusis Support Cross-Platform Play

Can You Turn Off Crossplay in The Anacrusis?

Unfortunately for you, there is no way to turn off crossplay in The Anacrusis. If you’ve been having a bad experience teaming up with randoms, then you might want to play with people you can better communicate with. There are plenty of social forums online that may be looking to group up with you.

If you’re on the other side of the spectrum and don’t want to play with us dirty console peasants or the smug PC master race, you might be wondering if you can just turn off cross-platform play. While I’m unsure why you’d want to do this since The Anacrusis isn’t really competitive in any way, you might have your own reasons.

Does The Anacrusis have PVP?

The Anacrusis is a cooperative four player first person shooter. Despite its clear inspiration from Left 4 Dead, The Anacrusis does not feature PVP. Sorry, guys, but no playing as parasitic alien lifeforms to eat the brains of your friends. As enjoyable as that sounds, you’re advised to stay human or stay dead as you blast through the alien horde with unconventional weaponry.

While PVP may be implemented in the future for The Anacrusis which may give you a reason to want to turn off cross-platform play, it’s not looming anywhere near the future as of yet. So for now, console and PC players can pretend to mildly tolerate each other.

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