The Callisto Protocol Fails to Meet Expectations of Publisher

Krafton is expecting a rebound from this fail.

A new report revealed that The Callisto Protocol has disappointed its publishers in terms of sales.

According to Korean website M.K-Odyssey, The Callisto Protocol has seen low sales numbers and has failed to regain a budget, which was reported over 200 billion won ($162 million). Krafton’s investors like Daishin Securities, Samsung Securities, Shinhan Securities, KIWOOM Securities, Korea Investment and Securities, and Hyundai Motor Securities have now lowered their stock prices of Krafton, the game’s publisher, from last month to early this month.

The reason for the move of these investors is due to the big sales failure of The Callisto Protocol, which launched last month.

According to Samsung Securities, it predicted earlier this month that based on the current sales ranking, the cumulative sales of 2 million copies will not be easy until this year. It was expected to have cumulative sales of million copies, but the security company predicted that would not happen anytime soon. It predicted correctly.

Another factor that added to the disappointing sales is the game’s reviews from various critics and gamers all around the world. The visuals and sound technology were top-notch, but the length was too short and the stage formation was too simple. The game got a Mixed review on Steam just recently.

When the game was in development, expectations were so high that it was called a Quadruple A game. This meant a lot of money was invested and it was expected that the game SHOULD top results. It did not even break even, the sales results were half.

Krafton is now planning to get a rebound with follow-up support for the game. The producers are planning to update it with new game modes, character costumes, and more downloadable content. More additional stories are also in the works and reportedly launching this summer.

the callisto protocol
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The Callisto Protocol is now available on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.