The Callisto Protocol Final Chapter Exclusive to PlayStation for Two Days

Is this the end of Jacob Lee's road?

Striking Distance has recently announced The Callisto Protocol Final Chapter which will be exclusive later this month.

The Callisto Protocol’s reviews were not that good on launch, but the studio behind it, Striking Distance, has not given up on it yet. It has released new content here and there offering something new for players who have stayed and played the game. Fans will be rejoicing with this new announcement from the developers as it plans to release the game’s final chapter.

The Callisto Protocol Final Chapter Two Day Exclusivity

The new Final Transmission is the game’s final chapter of The Callisto Protocol and will be released first on June 27, 2023 exclusively on the PS5. The exclusivity will only run for about 48 hours and will be available to all other platforms on June 29, 2023. This is included in the game’s season pass, previously referred to as Story DLC. There is no confirmation yet if this will be released as a separate purchase, but it should be.

Speculation on Final Transmission Story

Details about this new DLC are not that much yet, but the small teaser attached to the post on Twitter does give players a hint. Jacob Lee, the protagonist of the game, wakes up from a recent slumber and fights against a new evil monster that also woke up. Lee is surprised by this monster but it seems he also knows about it.

The Callisto Protocol launces on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.