The Callisto Protocol Free Hardcore Mode Added with New Update

Also introduces new Skin Collection.

New The Callisto Protocol free Hardcore Mode got added with the latest free update.

The Callisto Protocol Free Hardcore Mode Details

As part of the free update, Striking Distance Studios introduces The Callisto Protocol free Hardcore Mode, a stronger and more challenging mode for those who like to make things interesting. Creative Director Ben Walker shared details about this new mode.

“It’s right there in the name – Hardcore Mode is just plain hardcore,” Walker shared. “We designed The Callisto Protocol to be tough, and with this new mode, we’re giving fans of really brutal gameplay a whole new level of challenge to master.”

According to Walker, the number of enemy drops has been lowered dramatically. The developers have given enemies more attacking power, shortening the time it takes for creatures to mutate, and giving items less resale value at the Reforge, making resources tighter. The Stun Baton damage has been reduced while making GRP charges more expensive.

“We’re also adding three new achievements for players who have what it takes to survive Hardcore Mode,” says Walker. “But don’t say we didn’t warn you.”

Walker revealed that Hardcore Mode has always been part of the roadmap but after many players have completed the game on Maximum Security mode, this made them implement the concept. This is not the same as other Hardcore Modes where permadeath is a feature. They are only focusing more on turning and creating scarcity for items. “This mode is all about pushing players’ skills to the limits […] It’s hard as hell, but it’s fair, and it’s a pretty awesome accomplishment for those that can get through it,” he said.

The Outer Way Skin Collection Release

Aside from Hardcore Mode, the Outer Way Skin Collection was released. This is the first of the four DLC drops for the game and part of the Season Pass and can be purchased separately.

the callisto protocol free hardcore mode

The Callisto Protocol is now available on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.