The Callisto Protocol Offers New PlayStation Plus Premium Trial

Players can now deduce for themselves if the game is worth it to buy or not!

PlayStation Plus Premium just added a trial for the survival horror video game The Callisto Protocol.

The Callisto Protocol was developed by the original creator of Dead Space, Glen Schofield. It is a next-generation take on survival horror that blends atmosphere, tension, and brutality into one terrifying game. Unfortunately, it did not take off as expected and sales have been quite low. These days it has been seen on Steam getting big discounts just to make up for the losses. This might change though with this latest offer coming from PlayStation Plus.

The Callisto Protocol Trial

Sony has now added The Callisto Protocol to the PlayStation Plus Premium’s trials program. This will be a good chance for players who are interested in trying out the game for the first time as the trial offers an hour of gameplay. Subscribers of the Premium tier will be the only ones to enjoy this feature, so those on Essential and Extra tiers will need to upgrade to get the same treatment.

Shorter Than Others

Players will be able to play the first hour of the game where protagonist Jacob Lee crashes on the Jovian moon Callisto and gets mixed up with the galactic prison facility where monsters have suddenly popped out. The trial is shorter than the others like God of War Ragnarok which has a trial of three hours of gameplay.

The Callisto Protocol is now available on PC, PS3, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.