The Crew Motorfest Trophy Guide & How to Get Platinum

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The Crew Motorfest is just around the corner, and the sequel to Ubisoft’s The Crew 2 promises to be bigger and better in almost every way possible. Motorfest is taking the show to the Hawaiian island of O’ahu where players have the chance to take part in the Main Stage, a celebration of car culture from all over the world.

In this The Crew Motorfest trophy guide, I’ll tell you what you need to know to help you on your way to getting the Platinum trophy for the game. It’s a tough ask to get a win in the most competitive modes but thankfully Ubisoft has allowed it so that you can import cars you have from The Crew 2. That should help move things along.

There are 51 trophies to win in The Crew Motorfest:

  • 1 Platinum trophy
  • 3 Gold trophies
  • 5 Silver trophies
  • 42 Bronze trophies

The Crew Motorfest Trophy List

Platinum trophy

  • Motorfest Alumni: Unlock all The Crew Motorfest Trophies

Gold trophies

  • Main Stage Headliner: Complete all three timelines on the Motorfest Main Stage
  • Festival Fanfare: Reach Level 15
  • Not so Lonely at the Top: Complete all activities of a Summit Contest

Silver trophies

  • Can’t Dodge This Challenger: Complete 30 Challenges
  • That Pono Feeling: Spend 24 Hours in The Crew Motorfest
  • Fan Favorite: Reach maximum level on one vehicle
  • Walk of Fame: Become a Motorfest Legend for the first time
  • Leagues Above: Complete 5 events in Main Stage Mode

Bronze trophies

  • The Big League: Complete 15 Motorfest Events
  • Aloha e na hoa!: Complete your Motorfest welcome for the first time
  • Setting the Stage: Complete a Playlist for the first time
  • Cars, Bikes, Rides, and Good Vibes: Complete 6 Playlists
  • Take the Wheel: Win 5 custom events
  • Passion Project: Spend 1 Million Bucks
  • Gearhead vs Collector: Own 30 vehicles
  • Build Different: Own a vehicle in 10 different vehicle categories
  • A e s t h e t i c: Complete 20 Photo Ops
  • MotorFeats Madness: Perform 31 different Motorfest Feats
  • Blink and You’ll Miss It: Use the fast travel feature for the first time
  • Madcap: Chain a 15 actions combo with Dynamic Freestyle
  • Luck is Part of Talent: Find and open a Treasure
  • Parade Lap: Travel 40 kilometers (25 miles) anywhere in Hawaii
  • Oahu Sights: Takes 3 photos in the same session
  • Pele Shout-Out: Reach the summit of the volcano with a ground vehicle
  • English Bunt: Fly under 5 different bridges in the same session
  • Local Luxuries: Stay still for 1 minute on the beach in front of the Royal Hawaiin Hotel
  • Ensnare the Sun: Fly as high as possible
  • French Toast: Perform a donut move in the Ubisoft logo
  • Pack Mentality: Join, or form a Crew
  • The Crew Too!: Complete a custom event with a Crew of 4 players
  • Custo-Mine: Fully customize one vehicle (visual parts and livery)
  • Look At Us Go: Drive or fly 5 kilometers in formation with a Crew member, in the same session
  • Grand Ambitions: Participate in a Grand Race event
  • The Ascent: Complete a Summit Contest event
  • I’ve Got a Crash on You: Participate in a Demolition Royale event
  • That’ll Buff Right Out: Destroy 3 vehicles in Demolition Royale
  • Rear View Mirror Smile: Overtake 12 players in the Grand Race
  • Steal the Show: Submit 1 vehicle to the Custom show
  • Everyone is a Critic: Vote for 5 cars in the Custom show
  • Doghouse Days: Transform into a monster truck twice in a single game of Demolition Royale
  • Dai-Go-Go-Go!: Win by completing the event without hitting a wall, or track limits, driving in Ebisu Style
  • Smooth Sea /= Skilled Sailor: Complete a Speedtrap instance with a boat
  • Sweet Tooth: Fly through the “Rule the Streets” inflatable donut with a plane
  • Shaken, Not Stirred: Equip your avatar with the casual tuxedo and drive an Aston Martin car
  • Kane Limits: Try to leave Hawaii (boat or plane) by reaching the limit of the map
  • … We Don’t Need Roads: Reach 88 MPH (142 Km/H) with the Delorean DMC-12 and use the rewind feature
  • Oahu Mindfulness: Stay in a meet car for 10 seconds or more
  • Mistakes Were Made…: Use up the rewind feature fully 1 time
  • Unholy Pizza: Perform a donut move around the pineapple shop
  • Where’s Down: Chain two bike backflips while in the air and use fast fav with a plane, before reaching the ground

The trophy run for The Crew Motorfest doesn’t appear to be very demanding. In fact, one can say that it’s pretty chill. The Motorfest centers around a festival all about the celebration of cars and car culture. So it makes sense that you will be taking part in a host of events to both impress the audience and the people who might show interest in giving you the spotlight.

It’s all about getting to the Main Stage in Motorfest. From the Main Stage Headliner Gold trophy, we know that we’ll need to complete all three times on the Motorfest Main Stage. I hope you don’t have a habit of shrinking during big moments.

If the bright lights are a little too bright for you, you can take a break and take part in Playlist events. This can be considered as the main campaign so to speak. It is broken up into mini-campaigns focusing on specific themes celebrating different facets of car culture. We’ll talk more about these events below. But just know that there will be 15 Playlists available at launch, with more speculated to be added post-launch over the year or so.

The two trophies directly related to the Playlists are the Setting the Stage and the Cars, Bikes, Rides, and Good Vibes Bronze trophies. You get these for completing a number of Playlist events.

Online events are going to be a significant part of The Crew Motorfest experience. You have the Grand Race, a 28-player free-for-all race for podium standings. Battle Royale pits 8 crews of 4 players against each other in demolition derbies where the last team standing wins it all. And finally, we have Summit Contests, a week-long event with podium rewards for those who manage to get a Bronze, Silver, Gold, or Platinum ranking. I don’t know if the rewind feature will be allowed in Summit events. But I can’t understate the impact 15 seconds has on clear times.

While I’m on the subject, the rewind feature allows you to go back in time and erase any mistakes you made in the last 15 seconds of an event. You earn the Mistakes Were Made… Bronze trophy using the rewind for the full 15 seconds.

You instantly get the I’ve Got a Crash on You Bronze trophy for taking part in a Demolition Royale event. This is where you can also get the That’ll Buff Right Out Bronze trophy. An interesting trophy considering that you are out the moment your ride is wrecked. To get the Doghouse Days, you need to transform into a monster truck twice in a single match. You and your team will build points for scrapping enemy rides. Once enough points are accumulated, a random team member will transform into the monster truck. It is possible to steal points from an enemy that has kills under their belt.

The Dai-Go-Go-Go! Bronze trophy can only be earned in the Ebisu Style event, aka the drifting event. It is earned by completing the event without hitting a wall or track limits. If I remember correctly, players have access to the Mazda RX-7 to help first-time players who are not used to drifting.

Planes and boats make a return to the game from The Crew 2. I don’t know right now if you can change at any time or at the moment you hit water or after a jump. But there are a handful of stunt trophies related to being a water or air vehicle.

  • Where’s Down
  • Smooth Sea /= Skilled Sailor
  • English Bunt
  • Ensnare the Sun
  • Sweet Tooth

A neat feature called Photo Ops allows you to take pictures of your ride while in location at any time of day. The Oahu Sights and the A e s t h e t i c trophies are tied to taking photos and doing Photo Ops.

And finally, we have the cameo trophies that I don’t usually see in many car games. You get the Shaken, Not Stirred for equipping your avatar with the casual tuxedo while driving in an Aston Martin car. But why stop at just any Aston Martin, if you can go all 007 and take the DB5 out for a spin?

In the same vein, you get the … We Don’t Need Roads Bronze trophy for reaching 88 MPH with the Delorean DMC-12 while using the rewind feature. I wonder if they have an actual Back to the Future replica available, or do you have to get the custom parts for it? I doubt it but the idea does sound cool.

And that’s everything I have for this The Crew Motorfest trophy guide. Don’t forget to lose yourself in the experience while you’re going after that Platinum trophy. Remember, there are more than 600 vehicles available at launch and more than 800 customization parts on offer. You are going to have favorites. Might as well enjoy it to the fullest and show it off to the crowd every so often.

The Crew Motorfest is set to release on September 14, 2023, on PS and Xbox consoles, and PC (via Epic Games store).

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