The Dark Pictures Switchback VR Preorder Bonuses Revealed

Preordering gives you some cool skins to use in the game!

Supermassive Games has recently revealed the extra contents that come with The Dark Pictures Switchback VR preorder bonuses.

According to a recent PlayStation blog post, players can now preorder the Dark Pictures Switchback VR exclusively for PS VR2. Those who will preorder will be able to get some cool bonuses when the game launches on March 16, 2023. These additional content are:

  • Intricately detailed skull and bones cart, lovingly crafted from your victims’ bones! Complete with vertebrae wheels and femur wings.
  • The Golden Gun will help confront the hideous demonic incarnations of persecuted ‘witches’ and fight for your life against hordes of vampires.
  • Load up the Demon Gun with its unnerving eyes that continue to move as you confront your enemies.
  • Plus, a skull bobble-head for your cart to keep you company as you face terrifying antagonists.

In Switchback VR brings back the most terrifying antagonists from Season One of the Dark Pictures Anthology like the apparitions for the Ghost Ship in Man of Medan, the faceless enemies in Little Hope’s witch trials, to the vampire hordes House of Ashes and the twisted serial killer in The Devil in Me.

the dark pictures switchback vr preorder bonuses

The Dark Pictures Switchback VR launches on March 16, 2023 on PS VR2.