The Dark Pictures Anthology The Devil in Me Leaked Video Reveals Directive 8020 for Season 2

Leaked ahead of the official announcement!

A leaked video of The Dark Pictures Anthology The Devil in Me gameplay revealed the first title that will be on Season 2 called Directive 8020.

The Devil in Me will be launching on November 18, 2022 but there are already some videos on YouTube right now, which will have spoilers. While other videos feature gameplay, a few others only have the ending and credits scene of the game. Just like all previous titles of The Dark Pictures Anthology, these few videos would feature a mid-credit Easter Egg in the form of a trailer for the next title. This revealed the new sequel Directive 8020.

The new trailer of Directive 8020 gives players a small preview of what to expect in the upcoming premiere of Season 2. It seems the next story will be set in space and the next batch of “victims” will be the crew members of a spaceship that looks haunted. The video reveals an empty room where the camera slowly goes forward toward a glass window and encounters a disturbing scene: drops of blood and a cracked helmet floating in zero gravity. The voice on the radio states that there has been a small disturbance but it has been under control, but it gets cut off by another voice but this time it sounds like he is in panic. He reveals that one of the female crew members, Simms, is behaving strangely and attacked him before his transmission suddenly gets cut off.

The trailer ends with the camera now close to the window with a planet visible in the distance. The voice in the radio states that they will be now arriving at “humanity’s future home.”

directive 8020

No official announcement from Supermassive Games to make this official, but since this comes from the game itself, it will just be a matter of time.