The Division Heartland Free-to-Play Game Officially Announced

The Division Heartland

Game company Ubisoft has made it official: a free-to-play version of the series called The Division Heartland.

This F2P game will be set in The Division universe and it is currently in development at the Red Storm studio. These developers have worked on Tom Clancy games since 1997 and has extensive experience in different genres and games. They have worked on The Division 1 and 2 as well, which makes them the perfect devs for this project.

Heartland will be a standalone game that does not need previous experience of the other previous titles from the series. It will offer a whole new perspective on the series. It will be released in 2021-2022 on PC, consoles, and cloud.

Fans who want to try out the early test phases of the game can already sign up for one. Check it out here.

Aside from The Division Heartland, there will be brand new content coming to The Division 2, which will be developed by Ubisoft Massive and supported by its Bucharest branch. No further details were given, but it will offer a whole new game mode for the franchise and new methods for leveling up agents.

The Division Heartland was announced out of nowhere that everyone was surprised and thought it was a prank. Nope, this is real and it has gone free-to-play. Will you play this game?

Source: Official Website