The Division New Trailer Reveals New Info About Latest Update

Tom Clancy's The Division touchdown

Game publisher Ubisoft recently posted a video that gave an overview of the update that was implemented on Tom Clancy’s The Division.

Tom Clancy’s The Division update is huge

The new update will allow players to unlock exclusive rewards that can be used in the upcoming sequel of the game that is due out next March. There will be shields, which is a new feature for the game. These shields are a group of twelve collectibles that will reward both new and returning players for completing challenges throughout the game.

Players earn a shield will give them a Shield Cache that contains a selection of valuable items and currency bundles. Getting a lot of Shields will unlock the rewards that can be used in the sequel. Only four Shields will be available to unlock at first, but there will be an additional shield available every month.

These are the four shields that will be available on June 14:

  • Shepherd– Unlock the Base of Operations.
  • Hazard– Clear 25 landmarks in the Dark Zone.
  • Deadeye– Complete all weekly HVT’s within a week.
  • Avenger– Take out 10 named bosses in Manhattan, 10 in the Dark Zone and 10 in the West Side Piers area.

New changes included

The update will include new legendary difficulty missions like the Madison Field Hospital and General Assembly. There are several game changes as well like more classified gears such as the Predator’s Mark, Path of the Nomad, Tactician’s Authority and more.

The gameplay, dark zone, last stand, underground, audio, legendary missions, vanity items, and several global events get some changes and fixes as well. They fixed the missing audio in Last Stand, Skirmish and Camp Clinton for all non-English languages. The mission reward panels got updated, which now shows the correct Gear Score.

The game is currently available on the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. The update is now live.

Check out the Shields trailer below:

Source and full notes: Official website

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