The Escapists 2 Big Top Breakout Review – Stop Clowning Around And Escape!

Last year in August, I reviewed The Escapists 2 and gave it a wonderful 9.5. Was it enjoyable? Hell yes!

I’ve played it with my friends and recommended it to my fellow co-workers. Why did I like it? Simple, it will give you the freedom to escape a prison through whatever the game has to offer. There are different ways to get out. You can simply follow tasks or accept certain quests you can get from the other prisoners. As a reward, you will earn experience points that will give you an advantage and escape a lot easier next time.

Platform Reviewed: PS4
Platforms Available: PS4, Xbox One, PC
Developer: Team 17, Mouldy Toof Studios
Publisher: Team 17
Release Date: February 21, 2018
Price: $3.99
This review is based on a review copy provided by Team17.

Now, The Escapists 2 is back with a new DLC – Big Top Breakout. Welcome to Cirque du Catastrophe – a prison that is part-circus and part-hellhole for prisoners. The prison is a circus area filled with the most wanted who want to spend some money and showcase the forced new talents. Why forced? Because these bastards will force you to train to become a performer –  or a clown. As soon as you step inside the prison, the sheriff will give you a tour of the circus, this will give you the idea of where or how to escape. The circus is at risk of having less amount of profit, and helping the circus while you slowly get your way outside the prison is the best idea to escape.

There are tons of new activities that were included in this latest DLC. Time is still strictly followed and it’s up to you on how to manage your time. One of the additional tasks that are in this DLC is the training to become a performer. Some of the additional contents in this DLC are the new jobs, jobs like taming animals, blow up balloon animals, hang carnival posters, and paint faces. Taming animals takes time and experience to be ready to spend more time and train how to tame animals – trust me, this is part of the DLC is the best part.

The Big Top Breakout DLC is expensive. It’s around 4$, and I don’t want to complain but spending $4 on one map is a bit unfair. I hope the developers would give us this DLC for free one day. The map is not that huge by the way. It’s just as similar to the base game. I’m expecting to have a lot of additional content for a $4 price point. I mean, it’s not that bad, but I hope they could manage to give us more content for that price tag.

The game is little on what I expected, but with the overall game experience, this is worth a shot, I spend 2 hours just to finish one game, and I would like to head back to prison just to change the way on how I escape. Big Top breakout may not be the best DLC for this game, but this will still be fun, especially for the fan of the series.

The Escapists 2: Big Top Breakout - Review
Score Definition
When the issues of a game are rolled and stomped by its greatness, then it’s something to invest on if you have some spare.
New Activities
Taming Animals
New Crafting Items
Freedom To Explore and Escape
$4 Is A Bit Too Much For One New Location
Small Map